#3. What have you done to yourself?

Photo by Jimmy Chan from Pexels

What have you done to yourself?

Well, baby, I guess I have too much freedom.

I’m privileged with the right to hurt myself,

And the pain is keeping me sane.

Baby, when everything is gone

Except the dark,

The open wounds and the blood

Remind me of you.

What have you done to yourself, you ask

I simply choose to hurt myself, my darling,

Because I can’t die.

So baby, stop asking impossible questions

As if you are trying to save me.

Just bring the bandages here

At the first sight of blood.

Like you have always done.



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Author: Thanh Dinh

A writer at heart. A pessimist on the brain. I am always on the great journey of finding what it means to be living.

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